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Fish oils

Fish oils are produced by processing whole fish and fish liver. They constitute an excellent source of energy and essential fatty acids. They are used for the fortification of fish in periods of stress and as appetite stimulants. In addition, fish oils are used as binding agents for the addition of antibiotics and vitamins to feed.


AQUATAK is a special mixture of fish oils and appetite stimulants designed exclusively for use in aquaculture. It is a reddish liquid that is used as feed coating in aquaculture and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids for farmed fish.


AQUATAK contains a minimum of 20% polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially 10:5 ω3, 22:5 ω3, 20:5 ω6 and 22:6 ω3 PUFAs) and a considerable amount of 20:4 ω3 PUFAs. It also contains appetite stimulant (2%) and antioxidant BHT, 0.005%.

Suggested use

AQUATAK is a specialty product for aquaculture that is available in liquid form and is a fine coating medium for the incorporation of drugs and other ingredients (e.x. Aquace) in fish feed pellets. It has great flavor and it can mask the adverse taste that is imparted by some medications. It stimulates appetite and, because of the high levels of ω3 fatty acids that it contains, it provides an adequate source of essential fatty acids in the fish diet.


AQUATAK should be added to a final concentration of 250 – 500 mL per 25 Kg of formulated feed depending on temperature, pellet size and initial oil content of pellets.

Processing instructions

When AQUATAK is used as a coating agent for drug incorporation to feed, the suggested process is to first add the required amount of drug into pelleted feed followed by mixing using a mechanical mixer. AQUATAK should be sprayed onto the dry feed-drug mixture in the appropriate quantity.


AQUATAK is stable in its original container provided that it is stored at a temperature bellow 25οC and the container is sealed properly after each use.


Fish feed that is coated with AQUATAK should be used immediately. It should be noted that fish oils are readily oxidized after prolonged storage and that oxidation products could be harmful for fish. AQUATAK should not be used after the expiration date that is printed on the container. It should be shaken well before use and kept out of reach of children.


AQUATAK should be stored in a cool place in its original container and away from direct sunlight.

Packaging size

AQUATAK is packaged in 20 L blue polyethylene containers with screw-on spray.

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