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The Company

AQUA VET is an Athens – based company which operates since 1992 by continuously providing the dynamically increasing aquaculture sector with a wide portfolio of specialized products, authorized from the national organization for medicines, services and equipment. We represent some of the most prestigious firms in the aquaculture industry.


Τo give prominence to “made in” Greece brand in aquaculture which will offer high quality fish , pride, employment and future prospects to the country’s scientific and technical human capital.


Our aim is to provide high quality customer service through licenced veterinary products , innovative and custom made services and equipment. Sharing our academic and field expertise with industry’s human resources will foster mediterranean aquaculture and its very healthy products.


Some of the international brands that entrust AQUA VET with the distribution and support of their products are:

Aqua Vet has signed a cooperation agreement with SYNERGY S.A., who operates in the field of logistics. SYNERGY S.A. has a certified storage, a certification for handling specialized products and certified driver and vehicles for the transportation of the products, as required by the national and European regulations.

By  supporting  the Greek producers , we are covering the demand of the leading European country in mediterranean fish farming production.Extroversion spirit and passion for fish health makes us always respond actively to the Mediterranean countries needs, giving a priority to Cyprus.

Added value for our customers

Immediate response and same day delivery to cover the demand of the vital for aquaculture veterinary products, 365 days per year.

Our course    

AQUA VET is founded by the fish vet pathologist Evangelos Kakavoulis. It is located in Nea Filadelfia, Athens. Its main objective is to distribute innovative health products to the dynamically evolving Greek fish farming industry. The company also offers to the producers lab tests and analysis, as a service.
Becomes the first company to distribute antifouling in the Greek market. (FLEXGARD VI by FLEXABAR)
Becomes exclusive distributor of the immunostimulant MACROGARD by BIOTEC.
Promotes and exclusively distributes for the first time in the Greek market the first two divalents vaccines made for sea bass, approved by the Greek National Organization for Medicines.

ALPHA DIP 2000 and ALPHA JECT 2000 against vibriosis and pasteurellosis.

Shares its know how with the industry for the correct implementation of the vaccination programmes and its optimum results.

Adds in its product portofolio vaccination syringes by KAYCEE, by SOCOREX, and vaccination needles by UNIMED.

Furthermore the immunostimulant VETREGARD replaces MACROGARD
Distributes the innovative fish counting system AQUASCAN
AQUA VET’s legal form changes to S.A.

Automatic vaccination machine for sea bass THORMED 8000 is tested in Greek market.
Distributes the new CSE -1600 registration unit for AQUASCAN , which is ment to be a worldwide best seller equipment.
Distributes the new control unit KD for AQUASCAN
Operates the first field trials of the automatic vaccination, counting and sorting NFT-20 machine for sea bass in Grecce.
Becomes exclusive distributor of Lift Up system
Launches the monovalent vaccine for sea bass ALPHA DIP Vibrio against vibriosis which is administered by immersion.

The new control unit KE that supports all 3 AQUASCAN models (CSE, CSF, CSW) is available.
CSW-2800 by AQUASCAN is created to count small fish (>= 2 grams)
Exclusively distributes the authorized for fish by the Greek National Organization of Medicines, FORMALDEHYDE AQUACEN-F, which is concentrated for bathing solution and the first authorized for fish anaesthetic TRICAINE PHARMAQ.
AQUA VET becomes the first company in Greece that offers high quality outsourcing services through its experienced vaccination teams.
Immersion vaccination and counting with the use of AQUASCAN systems and injection vaccination with counting and sorting of fish in 3 sizes with the use of NFT-20 are the two services performed.

Exclusively distributes the authorized by the Greek National Organization of Medicines oxytetracycline for fish, AQUACEN OXYTETRACYCLINE 100%
Excl. distributes the authorized anaesthetic for fish AQUACEN BENZOCAINE

ALPHA DIP Vib is a concentrated, micro dose vaccine which substitutes ALPHA DIP Vibrio
Launches the first authorized oil based vaccine ALPHA JECT micro 1 Noda in order to protect sea bass from VNN mortalities.

AQUASCAN GRADING and COUNTING STATION sorts and counts small fish ( >=2 gr)
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