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ALPHA JECT micro® 1 noda

ALPHA JECT micro® 1 Noda is the first authorized by the Νational Organization for Medicines for the Greek market, oil-based vaccine that prevents the fish population from the high mortalities caused by the virus of RGNNV. ALPHA JECT micro 1 Noda is used for injection vaccination

Fish species

ALPHA JECT micro® 1 Noda is designed exclusively for the protection of farmed sea bass from the virus of RGNNV.


ALPHA JECT micro® 1 Noda offers:

Predictability of the production cycle, considerable decrease of production cost by ensuring high survival rates, increase in production outputs, decrease in the use of antibiotics, final product of higher quality .

Mode of action

ALPHA JECT micro® 1 Noda is administered as a preventive measure for the rational management of farmed sea bass. When administered before a potential VNN outbreak, this product modulates fish’s own defence mechanisms in order to decrease the losses associated with the development of that disease in the farmed fish population. For that disease there is no treatment.

-Νew generation of PHARMAQ’s microdose vaccines (dose 0,05 ml per fish)
-Minimum weight of vaccinated fish : 12g
-Onset of immunity : 466 degree days
-Withdrawal period : 0 degree days

What to watch out for

Involved only healthy sea basss that have been acclimated to the fish farm conditions.


ALPHA JECT micro® 1 Noda is made with natural biological ingredients that leave no residues. Therefore it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly.

User Guide

Packaging size

Available in 0,5 L bottles

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