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ALPHA JECT® 2000 is a divalent oil-based vaccine that contains a non-mineral adjuvant and the inactivated bacterial species Listonella anguillarum (01) and Photobacterium damsela subsp. piscicida. ALPHA JECT® 2000 is used for injection vaccination.

Fish Species

ALPHA JECT® 2000 is designed exclusively for the protection of farmed sea bass from vibriosis that is caused by Listonella anguillarum (serotype 01) and pasteurellosis (also described as photobacteriosis) caused by Photobacterium damsela subsp. piscicida.


ALPHA JECT® 2000 offers:

Predictability of the production cycle, considerable decrease of production cost by ensuring high survival rates, increase in production outputs, decrease in the use of antibiotics, final product of higher quality .

Mode  of Action

ALPHA JECT® 2000 acts by stimulating the immune system aiming in the production of specific antibodies in order to increase fish defence against vibriosis and pasteurellosis. It is administered as a preventive measure for the rational management of farmed fish health. When administered before a potential vibriosis or pasteurellosis outbreak, this product modulates fish’s own defence mechanisms in order to decrease the losses associated with the development of such diseases in the farmed fish population.

Duration of Protection

ALPHA JECT® 2000 is administered by endoperitoneal injection and protects sea bass until the end of their farming cycle, i.e. until harvest. The long protection duration is due to the use of a non-mineral adjuvant that allows the gradual release of the antigen to the fish’s immune system. The application of a complete vaccination scheme in sea bass that includes the combination of ALPHA DIP® 2000 and ALPHA JECT® 2000 guarantees high levels of protection for the entire production cycle.


ALPHA JECT® 2000 is made with natural biological ingredients that leave no residues. Therefore it is absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. To eliminate the risk of self-vaccination incidents it is recommended to use needle protection in the case of manual vaccination or to use of the automated vaccination machine. 


Available in 0.5 L bottles which is equivalent to around 5.000 doses.

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