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AQUA VET is an Athens – based company which operates since 1992 by continuously providing the dynamically increasing aquaculture sector with a wide variety of specialized products – authorized from the national organization for medicines, services and equipment.
  • Training regarding the correct, safe and viable use of the products and the equipment offered:
    • Personnel training in vaccination and administration of other treatments.
    • Presentation of programs related to prevention and treatment of diseases.
  • Consultancy on good practices and management of farmed population
  • Organization of conferences and meetings in order  to bring together the people involved in the aquaculture discipline for discussion and exchange of ideas related to issues that are pertinent to them.
  • Outsourcing services of the vaccination programs:
    • Our experienced vaccination teams bear responsibly and with safety the project of vaccination, grading and sorting of sea bass with the use of NFT-20 machines.
    • We undertake the project of immersion vaccination and grading of sea bass and sea bream, with the use of AQUASCAN systems.
  • Isolation of pathogens in order to develop new vaccines
  • Field trials in order to develop new innovative products and equipment.
  • Consultancy offered by our fish vet and experienced ichthyologists
  • Laboratory analyses of fish, which are accompanied by report forms and proposed treatments conducted by veterinarians specialized in fish pathology. With the collaboration of scientific Institutes and universities.
  • Direct shipment of antibiotics, as dictated by the antibiotic susceptibility testing that was performed in the laboratory, for the rapid treatment of diseases.
  • Inspection, maintenance and repair of equipment by our specialized technical stuff. After service, a technical report and a certificate of proper operation of the equipment is provided.


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