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ALPHA DIP Vib is a water-soluble, vaccine that contains the inactivated bacterial species Listonella anguillarum (01).
ALPHA DIP Vib is administered by immersion.

Fish species

This product is designed exclusively for the protection of farmed sea bass from vibriosis that is caused by Listonella anguillarum (serotype 01).


ALPHA DIP™ Vib offers:
Predictability of the production cycle, Considerable decrease of production cost by ensuring high survival rates, Increase in production outputs, Decrease in the use of antibiotics, Final product of higher quality .

Mode of action

ALPHA DIP Vib acts by stimulating the immune system aiming in the production of specific antibodies in order to increase fish defence against vibriosis. It is used as a preventive measure for the rational management of farmed fish health. When administered before a potential vibriosis outbreak, this product modulates fish’s own defence mechanisms in order to decrease the losses associated with the development of such diseases in the farmed fish population. Onset of immunity : 600 degree days

Vaccination instructions

Temperate the vaccine and shake the vaccine bottle prior to use. Mix the vaccine with clean sea-water and dilute at a ratio of 1:20, for example dilute 1 L of vaccine in 19 L of sea-water. Healthy young fish are dipped in this vaccine solution for 60 seconds. The vaccine solution should be oxygenated in between uses.


The initial vaccination should be performed the latest at 2 weeks before the transfer of fry in fish cages and at a body weight of 1-2 g. A booster vaccination is performed at a body weight of 5 – 10 g. Light anesthesia is required. Only healthy fish that are well acclimated to the farm environment should be vaccinated.

Packaging size

Available in 1 L bottles.

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